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"A Cat-a-log of Litter-airey Feline Achievements"

By Polly Slaughter

  • "The Cat-a-lyst Mews"
  • "Copy Cat"
Exciting Books:
  • "The Cat-tastrophe"
  • "The Cat Nappers"
  • "Cat-Nip Mysteries"
  • "The Cat'S-candal"
Horror Stories:
  • "Among the Cat-a-Combs"
  • "Cat-a-Gory Mess"
  • "Cat-e-Cornered!"
  • "Cat-a-Pillar Monsters!"
Political Science:
  • "Demo-Cats"
  • "Of Mice and Furballs"
Miscellaneous Subjects:

Religion: "The Cat-e-Chism"

Discipline: "To Cat-echize (as in chastise)"

Positive Thinking: "Cats Can"

Runner's Guide: "Cat-a-Pult"

Drivers' Manual: "Cat-a-Wreck" [-ract]

Movies & Stars: "The Cat-Call"

Sports: "Cats Fish"

Exercise: "Cat-Walk"

Exercise: "Fat Cat"

Needlework: "Nip One - Purr Two"

Health Freak: "Don't Cat-aminate!"

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